ROSA Marathon 2012 RP2

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Plan to Marathon RP2

Kernel part

  1. Using latest Kernel LTS release. Split headers and kernel

KMOD migration

  1. Migrate to KMOD (it's possible?)

System part

Hardware support

  1. Update ldetect and ldetect-lst, using kernel LTS module and modern ids (from 2012.1)
  2. Update ntfs-3g related to win8_compatibility
  3. Update drakxtools to latest release with grub2 support (2012.1)
  4. Update draklive-install to latest release with grub2 support (2012.1)


  1. Update to EFI/UEFI support
  2. Using grub2
  3. Update dracut

Systemd stuff

  1. Using latest systemd (?)
    1. Update upower, usermod, inittools, polkit, mdadm
    2. Backports KDE systemd releated patch to 4.8.x

Printer stack

  1. Update CUPS
  2. Update hplip

Scanner stack

  1. Update sane


  1. Backports all patch for drakx-net
  2. Update NM to 2012.1 without gtk3


  1. Update ?

Software part