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ROSA Desktop Fresh R11.1 - is a correcting update release, contains all patches and bugfixes from ROSA Desktop Fresh R11 release. This ROSA Fresh R11.1 release is primary purposed for users who need stable LTS platform on modern hardware. It's the release based on rosa2016.1 platform with extended support (security updates will be provided until Fall 2021).

Link to installation images Rosa Fresh R11.1 images

Desktop Environment

For ROSA Fresh R11.1, images with four desktop environments are available. The remaining options will be published as they are prepared by the community.

To avoid errors, use the proprietary utility ROSA ImageWriter to write the image to USB drives.
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Download released versions of ROSA Desktop

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Technical support and bug reports

Submit your bug reports to ROSA Bugzilla at (see also Using ROSA Bugzilla).

You can ask questions and communicate with other ROSA users on our forum at

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