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ROSA Enterprise Desktop X3 (RED X3) is a final version of our non free desktop distribution based on a popular free ROSA Desktop Fresh KDE 8.1 with the additional stability and technical support assurances. The distro is recommended for use in a Small / Home Office and Small To Medium Business levels, where stability and guaranteed functionality are preferred over the latest software versions and innovations. All the updates, excluding the security and bug fixing updates, are first thoroughly tested in the real life ROSA Desktop Fresh environments.

  • The ROSA Enterprise Desktop X3 provides every instrument needed in a day-to-day work, the Office Suite, text and audio messaging software (including the Skype), web-browsers, email clients and many more.
  • The distro comes with the kernel v 4.9.41, glibc 2.19, LibreOffice 5.2.7, Firefox ESR 52.5
  • The available program packages come from the stable ROSA Fresh 2014.1 repositories, the software set are primarily aimed for the office workers, including Inkscape and full LibreOffice suite, and Java support activated.
  • The distro is ready for work in the Windows AD and FreeIPA managed networks, and in the virtual environments such as VirtualBox и ROSA Virtualization.
  • The "CRYPTO-PRO" LLC Certificate Authority (CA) and 1C:Enterprise software suits are also supported.