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Migrate ROSA to Grub2.


Grub2 itself is successfully built for ROSA and can be safely used as a default bootloader. Currently we are working on themes for it.

Configuration tools

We have a choice of two tools at the moment:

  • kcm-grub2
  • grub-customizer

kcm-grub2 is a module for KDE Control Center; other environments might prefer to use grub-customizer (though note that kcm-grub2 can be launched as a separate application in any DE using kcmshell4).


We have to update bootloader-utils that depend on drakxtools. Scripts from bootloader-utils are used when bootloader config should be regenerated - e.g., when a kernel is installed or removed.

Where to get

  • for 32bit systems:
urpmi.addmedia icedphoenix_personal http://abf.rosalinux.ru/downloads/icedphoenix_personal/repository/rosa2012lts/i586/main/release
  • for 64bit ones:
urpmi.addmedia icedphoenix_personal http://abf.rosalinux.ru/downloads/icedphoenix_personal/repository/rosa2012lts/x86_64/main/release
  • Now you can install grub2 and tools:
urpmi grub2 kcm-grub2 grub-customizer
  • After that I strongly recommend to remove the media, since there are experimental builds of some core packages there that can damage your system:
urpmi.removemedia icedphoenix_personal