Update kernel to 4.x

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The Internet connection should be established. Please do not turn off the power of your computer during the installation.

For kernel 4.1, execute these commands:

for x86_64:

   sudo urpmi.addmedia kernel_4.1 http://abf-downloads.rosalinux.ru/kernels_stable_personal/repository/rosa2014.1/x86_64/kernel_4_1/release/
   sudo urpmi kernel-nrj-desktop-latest kernel-nrj-desktop-devel-latest cpupower

for i586:

   sudo urpmi.addmedia kernel_4.1 http://abf-downloads.rosalinux.ru/kernels_stable_personal/repository/rosa2014.1/i586/kernel_4_1/release/
   sudo urpmi kernel-nrj-desktop-latest kernel-nrj-desktop-devel-latest cpupower

And restart your computer.

For a different 4.x branch, just change the minor version number in the URL (e.g., .../kernel_4_0/release/ for 4.0).

You can return to previous kernel by selecting one in the boot menu (grub).