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Hello, world!

Pavel.shved 14:12, 13 September 2012 (MSK)

Ok, let's give it a try.

  • 1. My last message in Talk:Sandbox testing talk page is about wiki license.

License for wiki is missing.
Like: "Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License" (e.g.

I think the same should be done in English pages, and in Russian version if not yet.

rugyada 17:45, 13 September 2012 (MSK)

  1. Where do we add the license?
  2. I guess we can try to, but it would be good enough to remove "offenders" such as "2012.1" and "LTS" from names and pages. For the English wiki it seems to have already been done, see this, for instance.

Pavel.shved 19:18, 13 September 2012 (MSK)

  1. In my local testing wiki, while installation ran it asked me if I want to show license and what kind of. Not sure about exact words/phrase I got, sorry, but this is the meaning. If you need I'll try to launch another local installation and give you more details, but the fact is that we have wiki already running (have to google to know how-to fix).
  2. Sure. But you may want to take a look at my changes it:Speciale:UltimeModifiche -->(fix naming). e.g. in English Main Page: ROSA 2012 LTS MARATHON, LTS 2012 Release notes - in ROSA Marathon 2012: ROSA 2012 MARATHON - in ROSA Release: ROSA 2012 LTS MARATHON Enterprise Edition, ROSA Desktop 2012 LTS MARATHON Free Edition - etc. Little modifications, anyway, but can be quickly fixed.

rugyada 19:53, 13 September 2012 (MSK)

  1. It seems to be set in LocalSettings.php.

FYI, in my LocalSettings.php I have:

## For attaching licensing metadata to pages, and displaying an
## appropriate copyright notice / icon. GNU Free Documentation
## License and Creative Commons licenses are supported so far.
$wgRightsPage = ""; # Set to the title of a wiki page that describes your license/copyright
$wgRightsUrl  = "";
$wgRightsText = "Creative Commons Attribuzione-Non commerciale-Condividi allo stesso modo";
$wgRightsIcon = "{$wgStylePath}/common/images/cc-by-nc-sa.png";

rugyada 22:54, 13 September 2012 (MSK)

It's all good. But before doing anything, to do all the pages in the same design and "tethering" strinitsy to categories / (at least) another page just to find. I specifically created a page with templates for a long time: For some reason it is not used. Just a lot of articles in English, but some would like to see translated into Russian. Need to somehow get used to do all the same design. And we need to do something to get used to the Russian version of Russian words and category pages, not all "in the mess." Example: end etc.

PastorDi 16:25 14.09.2012

  • Desktop 2012 errata

Are some of the Errata ROSA Desktop 2012 headings still valid?
In case, what's the policy: to delete or to leave them as documentation (maybe useless)?

rugyada 17:34, 11 October 2012 (MSK)

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