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About ROSA 2012 Marathon


ROSA 2012 Marathon is a LTS (long time support) release with guaranteed security and software updates for 5 years. Based on Mandriva/ROSA 2011 repositories with lots of improvements and updates. It is recommended for Enterprise, SMB and SOHO which do not need the "bleeding edge" technology, but require stable software and ability to work for a long time without reinstalling the system. This is the first release completely built using the ABF system.

You can find additional information about ROSA 2012 Marathon in its tour and some information about known issues and workarounds at the Errata page.


ROSA 2012 Marathon is available in the following editions:

1. ROSA 2012 Marathon LiveDVD KDE4 (pure Free Edition) for i586 and x86_64 architectures. For default enabled ONLY main media.

2. ROSA 2012 Marathon LiveDVD KDE4 Extended Edition for i586 and x86_64 architectures, including non-free components and proprietary software (such as multimedia codecs). Note that laws of some countries may forbid usage of some of these components! In this release added and enabled main, non-free and restricted media.

Available community editions:

3. ROSA LXDE 2012 community edition for i586 and x86_64 architectures (see ROSA LXDE 2012 community edition summary).

4. ROSA Marathon 2012 GNOME community Edition for i586 and x86_64 architectures (see ROSA Marathon 2012 GNOME community Edition summary and Restricted and non-free components of ROSA Marathon 2012 GNOME Community Edition, free from proprietary components ISO is available as well).

System requirements

  • 780 MB RAM (recommends 1Gb)
  • 10 GB free HDD space
  • VGA display with resolution 1024x768
  • Keyboard, mouse
  • DVD/flash for installation


GNOME, Xfce and other Desktop Environments (DE) and Window Managers (WM) are no longer included in the official ROSA packages. Contribution packages from the ROSA community are available for these desktop environments however. Only KDE4 is officially supported. If you need ROSA with another DE or WM you can use unofficial packages or distributions prepared by community members.

Common components

Kernel and system stack

  • Kernel 3.0.28 LTS desktop with/without PAE desktop/notebook and server edition
  • Dracut 17
  • Systemd 39
  • GCC 4.6.1
  • udev-173
  • rpm 5.3.12
  • pulseaudio 2.0 rc2

Hardware support

  • Hardware base for April 2012
  • Updated drivers for Intel, NVidia and AMD graphics cards with support for i3/i5/i7, GF6xxx and latest AMD chips
  • Mesa 7.11
  • Basic support for Nvidia Optimus technology with Bumblebee (not included in DVD, but may be installed later from the Main repository)
  • Updated printers and scanner base

Improved ROSA-specific system stuff

  • Draklive-install
  • Drakxtools
  • Drakx-net

We have updated and improved functionality of these components in the following areas:

  • Hardware support for modern devices
  • Improved installer with lots of fixes
  • A lot of patches and fixes developed after ROSA 2011 release

Removed deprecated drakconf modules

Some deprecated drakconf modules are removed.

Please refer to the Drakxtools Replacements page for the list of removed modules and suggested replacements.


  • NetworkManager 0.9.2
  • KnetworkManager 0.9
  • VPNPPTP 0.3.0


  • KDE 4.8.2 with ROSA fixes and improvements
  • Rosa theme with updated KDE-decorator
  • SimpleWelcome
  • RocketBar
  • Dolphin 2.0

Enterprise stack

  • Improved wizard for connecting Windows Active Directory domains
  • OpenJDK is installed by default. For Oracle Java JDK/JRE please visit the official Oracle Java Downloads page. NOTE: see Howto install proprietary Java from Oracle
  • LSB support
  • Updated Perl/Python stack
  • Kerberos
  • Samba

User applications

  • Mozilla Firefox 10.0.2 LTS
  • Mozilla Thunderbird 10.0.2 LTS
  • LibreOffice 3.4.5
  • Amarok 2.0.5