ROSA LXDE 2012 community edition summary

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Release date:

20 June 2012

Minimal system requirements:

  • 256Mb RAM, recommended 384Mb, for Live session -- 384Mb
  • Min 6Gb on hard disk
  • Processor: Pentium4/Celeron compatible

Software versions (ROSA 2012 Marathon packages base):

  • kernel 3.0.28 lts
  • lxpanel based on lxpanelx with some improvements from ROSA
  • pcmanfm 0.9.10
  • Libre Office (Writer and Calc)
  • main European locales
  • Firefox 10
  • vlc 2
  • deadbeef 0.5.2
  • LXDE Control Center
  • audio/videocodecs by default

Download isos

Bug reports are admitted at ROSA Linux Bugzilla (component "LXDE Edition").

The Marathon 2012 Errata and Marathon 2012 Release notes are valid for this community edition.