ROSA Desktop Fresh R8.1 Release Notes

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Release notes

ROSA Desktop Fresh R8.1 - is a correcting update release, contains all patches and bugfixes from ROSA Desktop Fresh R8 release. This ROSA Fresh R8.1 release is primary purposed for users who need stable LTS platform on modern hardware.

The release comes with four desktop environments - KDE 4, Plasma 5, GNOME and MATE, Notes on them can be found on the corresponding pages. It is officially recommended to use KDE 4.

Major changes in functionality as compared to the release of the R8

  • Several bugfixes for fix installation and booting problems in Live-mode on some systems;
  • Linux kernel 4.9.x LTS is included right out of the box, you can use our new ROSA Desktop Fresh R8.1 release on latest Intel Skylake chipsets;
  • Mesa now is 13.0.2 with OpenGL 4.5 for better working of free drivers on some modern games;
  • Rsyslog are disable by default for better booting performance and less trash in logs, we use only journalctl instead now;
  • NetworkManager and NTPD services are fixed;
  • Fixed bug in NetworkManager, when using pptp with incorrect MTU parameters;
  • Mozilla Firefox is now ESR version out of the box;
  • Latest CUPS drivers included;
  • Some bugfixes for better Epson scanners support in SANE;
  • Some security fixes for ~/.gvfs directory, backing-up home directories made smoothly;
  • New modems are supported, and you can now see traffic graph in modemmanager app;
  • ROSA desktop theme is fixed for better work with no effects;
  • Bugfixes when working with shared folders in VirtualBox;
  • OpenSSL version supports GOST cipher algorithms;
  • Hardware acceleration for some video editing software (MLT) is on by default.
  • etc.