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ROSA Desktop Fresh R8 is a distribution for enthusiasts in a constantly changing Linux world. It's the last release based on rosa2014.1 platform. R8 is a stable release with 2 years of extended support (security updates will be provided until Fall 2018).

ROSA Desktop Fresh R8 features 4 desktop environments:

About Release

Install Additional Software

You can install a lot of additional software from ROSA repositories. In order to do this, launch "Install and Remove Software" program from the System Settings panel (aka "Configure Your System").

If you are a newbie in Linux and don't know which particular program you need, try to use to find analogues of your favourite applications

In particular, in ROSA repositories you will find:

We recommend to use the versions from our repositories.

If for some reason you are not satisfied by OpenJDK provided with ROSA, you can install Oracle Java from the official site. Due to license restrictions, we cannot put it to our repositories.

  • Install Java.png

Alternative Desktop Environments

In addition to the desktop environments mentioned above, you can install one of these environments on your desktop just by installing corresponding task- package.

Alternative desktop environments are supported by ROSA community and are not subjected to as strict QA process (unlike the main DEs)