ROSA DESKTOP 2012 Alpha2

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Major features

  • Kernel 3.5.5
  • KDE 4.9.2
  • LibreOffice 3.6.2
  • Firfox 15
  • Thunderbird 15
  • GRUB2
  • Experimental UEFI support (available as separate images)
  • systemd-udev 189
  • dracut 17
  • Xorg 12

New features in ROSA graphical tools



For graphical effects, the OpenGL engine is now used by default. For most hardware, this allows to enable additional possibilities of compositing manager such as "smooth" windows and desktop cube. If OpenGL is not supported by video card, ROSA automatically switches to software rendering (XRender).


  • Completely rewritten in QML
  • Reworked design
  • Possibility to group icons
  • Implemented "drag and drop" for icons
  • Added preview of recent documents


  • Thanks to optimization of its internal structure, the RocketBar panel now consumes less resources, especially when moving elements or changing its size.

Rosa SysTray

  • GUI rewritten in QML,
  • Redesigned popup window, its elements now looks like "clouds"

Tray 01.png


  • GUI is rewritten in QML,
  • User list in is now implemented as a feed (“carousel”)


  • Reimplemented as a PopupApplet; this allowed to fixed a lot of issues concerning interaction with other programs
  • Implemented tighter integration with KLook, so now embedded controls are available (scrolling, page switching, etc.)


  • Rewritten in QML - added animation, nice scrolling, etc.
  • Possibility to view local documents, images and videos in a single event feed
  • Integration with Facebook and VKontantake social networking services
  • Possibility to filter files by their type (image, document, video), as well as filtering events in a social service feed according to account type
  • Possibility to comment and "Like" events from a social feed

Toolset fixes

  • Improved hardware detection speed, as well as speed of ldetect interaction with KMOD
  • Fixed a set of drakx bugs:
    • work with NTFS partitions
    • dropped obsoleted components

Completely reworked qemu

  • Patched to use systemd
  • Added support for:
    • spice
    • usb net redir (A simple TCP daemon and set of libraries for the usbredir protocol (redirecting USB traffic))
    • libseccomp (high level interface to Linux seccomp filter)
    • guest-agent (QEMU Guest Agent (qemu-ga) for use when running inside a VM)
    • systemtap (A linux trace/probe tool)
    • sparc64 emulation
    • sgabios, vgabios, ipxe, seabios are now implemented as separate entities