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NOTE: if you didn't find here an asnwer to your question, please leave your question in forum topic, dedicated to ROMP FAQ. The question/answer will be added here.

What's the difference between ROMP and Mplayer/SMPlayer?

The main characteristic of ROMP is that its interface is not overloaded with lots of settings. The main goal is simplicity.

How do I run ROMP?

To start ROMP: lunch SimpleWelcomе, go to the Applications tab, find there the ROMP icon and click on it

What file formats are supported by ROMP?

All main formats are supported:

  • MPEG-1/2
  • AVI
  • QT/MOV/MP4
  • Matroska
  • NSV
  • FLI
  • (S)VCD
  • DVD, uncluding protected DVDs, VIVO etc

Are there any issues with HD reproduction?


How can I make ROMP display subtitles from a file?

Open the Subtitles menu entry from main menu bar, click on Load and then select file in a dialog window.

Why use

- biggest multi-language subtitle database - no registration needed to download subtitles - advanced search filters (by genre, rating, year...) - search for more than one language - search for many subtitles simultaneously (multi-search) etc, etc

So from Subtitles menu you can click on "Find subtitles on" menu entry and insert the movie title into the form

Why so many options for Deinterlace? Which is best?

This issue is not always present, so we decided to give users more than one algorhytm. This FAQ is not intended for detailed tecnical explanations so simply try them one by one to find most suitable for you. For detailed information please refer to

May I record a screencast with audio from my microphone?

Unfortunately not. We plan to add support for soundrecording in our next releases.

May I save just some fragment of the movie audiotrack?

At the moment this feature is not supported (v 1.0).

I cannot save an audiotrack, the system wants to upgrade ffmpeg. What can I do?

This means that ffmpeg was uninstalled manually, because ffmpeg is installed as ROMP dependency (in a newest ROMP version).To correct this insert a root command: urpmi ffmpeg

How should I make ROMP remember its window size and never change it?

From menu bar click "Options", then Interface --> Interface tab, Main window and pick option "Never" from the dropdown menu for 'Autoresize'.

The functionality for aspect ratio change works now only by using a hotkey. Will this option be added to the menus?


Does ROMP play DVD? Which another package/packages is needed for playing DVD?

Yes it does play DVDs. No additional packages are required.

Which another non-free or restricted packages is needed for full functionality ROMP?

ffmpeg from restricted repo (contains libmp3lame codec for saving audiotrack in mp3 format)

How to build ROMP under Linux and Windows?

See ROMP Developer Guide for detailed instructions.