HOWTO change plymouth theme in ROSA

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Plymouth is an application (bootsplash) that runs very early in the boot process (even before the root filesystem is mounted!) that provides a graphical boot animation while the boot process happens in the background .

By default ROSA comes with minimalistic plymouth theme "Rosa-EE" (background colors may vary depending on ROSA edition).

"Rosa-EE" plymouth theme

If you wish to change it for some other theme you should do the following (will take the bluish MIB Ossigeno Ultimate Plymouth theme as example):

1) download the theme archive

2) extract the folder and copy it as root in /usr/share/plymouth/themes (the full path will be /usr/share/plymouth/themes/MIB-Ossigeno-Ultimate-Plymouth)

3) remove the folder /usr/share/plymouth/themes/Mandriva-Rosa or rename it ('Mandriva-Rosa.old' for example)

4) insert as root

plymouth-set-default-theme MIB-Ossigeno-Ultimate-Plymouth

Reboot and enjoy watching :)

Disable Plymouth Theme

To completely disable plymouth theme, edit /etc/default/grub file (root permissions are required) and remove quiet and splash parameters (in particular, splash=silent) from GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT

After that, update GRUB2 (with root privileges, as well):

# sudo update-grub2