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Update from Marathon/Marathon RP1 to Marathon X1

After last system update i did not install/update anything- system say me about unable find mirrorlist

For resolve this problem do this steps: - Run root console (konsole or another terminal, su, root password) - run comand

ln -sf /etc/ /etc/

After this install and update process will work correctly

After update Firefox not use may own locale

With media metadata problem system not install locale package for Firefox. For resolve this install package


where xyz you needing lang.


Boot from hardisk does not work

If your bootloader is located not on the first physical disk, this option will not working.

System boots into the 'Live' mode after reboot

After system installation is complete and you reboot the machine, do not forget to eject your installation DVD or USB media, since by default the 'Live' mode will activated. Alternatively, you can change the priority of boot devices or choose 'Boot from hard drive' when booting from the installation media.

If installed from USB Flash, the system displays a message about 'Emergency mode'

If you install the system from USB Flash, you can a message about 'Emergency mode' after removing installation media rebooting. If this is the case, just insert the USB Flash back, load from it, choose 'Boot from hard drive' and finalize the installation (there will be several question from wizard). After that, you will be able to boot the system normally.

If you have Windows partitions, you may need to load Windows and run scandisk.

Incorrect resolution with Intel graphics cards

If you have a modern Intel graphics card, you may need to delete the following parameter from the boot loader menu entry:


Very long boot time with VMWARE installed

In case your boot takes very long time you can try disabling pcscd service in your host system. It can be done via drakxservices, or by executing command

systemctl disable pcscd.service

from root user.

Adaptor ROM Conflicts

This information relates to error messages such as the one outlined in the page title and other similar ones - for example:

pci_root PNP0A08:00: address space collision: host bridge window [mem
0x000cc000-0x000cffff] conflicts with Video ROM [mem 0x000c0000-0x000ce9ff]

This error message occurs due to latest kernels enumerate PCI host bridges and is not specific to ROSA Linux - see this kernel bug report. The message itself does not indicate a functional problem, so it can be ignored.

If you see additional problems, such as computers with multiple NICs not starting all adaptors reliably and issues with multi display/adaptor configurations, please report them in the kernel bugzilla and attach a complete dmesg log. The pci=nocrs parameter may be a workaround while debugging the problem.

To use pci=nocrs, edit the syslinux.cfg boot file and add pci=nocrs to the parameters. On systems that boot from a USB memory stick, this file is /media/usb/syslinux.cfg Example:

timeout 20
prompt 1
default grsec
label grsec

kernel /boot/grsec append pci=nocrs initrd=/boot/grsec.gz alpine_dev=usbdisk:vfat modules=loop,cramfs,sd-mod,usb-storage quiet

Cannot install system with /var in a different partition than /

Error "cannot copy files to new partition" in the end of the installation process. The error occurs because of squashfs installation image which contains hard links to other root directories. Solution: keep /var and / on the same partition or disk.
See also bug #316.


After update to 2012 Marathon sound is disabled

Delete .pulse directory in you home folder.

Impossible to activate video driver for graphics cards on 82945G/GZ chipsets

To load Intel video driver for cards on 82945G/GZ chipsets, one should perform the following actions:

  • Open ROSA Control Center and choose "Boot->Configure boot steps->Set up boot system"
  • Add pci=noacpi to kernel options and reboot the system
  • Now you can enable Intel video driver for your graphics card

Please refer to bug 198 for more details.

Low WiFi speed (with kernel module ath9k)

Issue: low wifi connection speed while using Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter and others with kernel module ath9k.

Solution: from root

echo "options ath9k nohwcrypt=1" > /etc/modprobe.d/ath9k.conf

and reboot.

"Welcome to emergency mode" error

If the booting process has stopped with the "Welcome to emergency mode" error, you have to login as root, insert:

rm /etc/mtab
ln -s /proc/mounts /etc/mtab

and reboot.

See bug 458, and NTFS notes from Installation page.

GNOME Edition

Installer and live system show a warning dialog when you use less that 640MB RAM

Just ignore this message. RM2012 GNOME Edition uses the same installer as in ROSA Marathon 2012 with KDE and this requirements for KDE. Official minimum requirements for GNOME Editon - 512 MB of RAM.

Can't change default avatar in the installer

You can set your own avatar after installation. Open dialog System->'Preferences->About Me' and change your avatar there.

Users software

Unable to remove Klipper from the system tray

By default possibility to remove Klipper from tray is disabled. You can enable it by modifying corresponding configuration file.

Just add/update corresponding parameter in the [General] seciton on


Caution: Use this solution at your own risk! (see comment).

Crackling sound in Skype

In file /etc/pulse/, replace the line:

load-module module-udev-detect 


load-module module-udev-detect tsched=0

Then restart the computer. For more information, see bug #288.

No sound in ROSA Media Player with mp4 videos

Remove rosa-media-player and install it one more time from the official repositories.

Deleted application launcher restoring on panel after log-out and log-in again

When using standard panel with enabled desktop effects, every time after reboot or session logout previously deleted application launcher is restoring on panel.

This is upstream bug:


In ~/.kde4/share/config/plasma-desktop-appletsrc find and delete (or comment out) following string:

   browser=preferred://browser, , ,\s
   filemanager=preferred://filemanager, , ,\s

Repository/RPM problem

Regular appear error of not-installed/not-updated packages

If you has regular error for not installed or not-updated packages, you may has broken RPM database (see output log for words, like invalid or broken rpm database). For fix this simple run from root this command

db52_recover -vh /var/lib/rpm