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Failed to Install ROSA from USB Flash Drive

  1. Verify checksum of ROSA image you are trying to install by launching "checkisomd5 <image_name>". If this tool reports an error, please re-download the image.
  2. Use ROSA_ImageWriter to burn the image.
  3. Try image for another hardware architecture (i586/x64) or another flash drive
  4. If you have an UEFI system, try to switch into "Legacy" mode in BIOS
  5. If nothing helps, try to install your system from DVD. For safety, burn DVD disk at 2x speed.

Failed to Mount NTFS Disk of a Modern Windows

To allow Windows and ROSA working correctly on the same computer we recommend to disable "quick start" feature in Windows. To do this, in Windows console launch "powercfg -h off" with administrator provileges In order to force mountin NTFS disk in ROSA you can launch the following command:

 # ntfsfix /dev/<ntfs_partition_name>

"Windows" is Missing from the Boot Menu

The root of this problem usually lies in Windows "quick start"; another possible reason is that you didn't shutdown Windows properly and after that updated kernel or bootloader in ROSA. ROSA bootloader doesn't automatically mount NTFS that is aiting for filesystem consistency check or where the Windows "sleeps". To fix this:

  1. Mount NTFS disk in Dolphin
  2. Update bootloader from console:
 # update-grub2

The System Doesn't Boot After Installing Proprietary Drivers or Updating Kernel

  1. Try to boot with another kernel (by choosing it in the boot loader menu)
  2. Wait until text boot mode is reached (after ~4 minutes from the boot start), switch to virtual console by ctrl+alt+F2, login as root, launch XFdrake and choose free driver for your graphics card.

WiFi Cards ot Other HArdware Works Incorrectly

1. Try to install newer kernel version. First, add repositories with new kernel:

 for i586: urpmi.addmedia kernel4.3 --update
 for x64: urpmi.addmedia kernel4.3 --update

2. And install the kernel:

 urpmi kernel-nrj-desktop-4.3-latest

Bibliography Database Doesn't Work in LibreOffice Writer

In order to make "bibliography database" service work in LibreOffice, you should install LibreOffice Base ({pkg|libreoffice-base}} package) and OpenJDK. To save space, we have removed these packages from ROSA Desktop Fresh installation image.

Text Effects Are Missing in LibreOffice Gallery

Install libreoffice-openclipart package.

Firefox Doesn't Open a Page with Secure Connection

Starting from version 39, Firefox doesn't support SSL3 protocol (treating it as compromised) and rejects to connect to sites that use it. If you still have to get access to a site that use this protocol, you should enable it if Firefox config (about:config)


LXQt Issues after Installing from the Live Mode

  • After installation from the "Live" mode, one can see "live" user in the user list. You can safely remove this user in the Configuration Center, "Users and Groups" tool
  • After installation from the "Live" mode, one can't switch to alternative keyboard layout. Please reconfigure keyboard layouts in the Configuration Center, "Keyboard and Mouse" tool