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Passwords for WiFi and modem connections are not saved

A password may not be saved if entered in the widget. To circumvent the problem, please open the connection settings and enter the password there.

Another solution is to use KWallet to store passwords.

HP Control Center icon is missing in the tray, though HP printer is connected

HP Control Center is launched automatically during system start up only if you have HP printer connected to your system at boot time. If you connect a printer when the system is up and running, then this program will be launched automatically only after reboot. However, you can launch hp-systray program manually at any moment.

Unable to enter passwords for the encrypted volumes in a virtual machine

As a workaround, try to add one more CPU core to that virtual machine. This should solve the problem in most cases.

Bibliography Database doesn't work in LibreOffice Writer

In order to make "bibliography database" service work in LibreOffice, you should install LibreOffice Base (libreoffice-base package) and OpenJDK. To save space, we have removed these packages from Desktop R5 installation image.

Problems with graphics in «Basic graphics mode» in the installer

At boot time, try the following. Select that item in the boot menu, press Tab and add vga=792 to the list of boot options, then press Enter.

LXDE ISO boots in Live mode even if "Install ..." item in boot is chosen

This is a known issue for some machines. You can simply install the system from the live mode - just launch a terminal emulator, then "su" command (switch to root user - no password required) and launch draklive-install.

cpupower service fails to start in a newly installed system

A simple workaround is to remove cpupower package and then install it again.

Notebook brightness keys, SD-card and power events don't work

Remove dkms-vboxadditions package. It is only required if you run ROSA inside a VirtualBox.

Fontwork gallery in LibreOffice is empty

Install libreoffice-openclipart package