Drivers for Realtek WiFi adapters

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The kernels provided in ROSA Fresh R5 already include drivers for many WiFi adapters with Realtek's chips.

If the drivers are not provided for some models (e.g., RTL8723BE and RTL8812AU in kernel 3.14.x) or are not working good enough, you may try the following.

  • If your WiFi adapter is based on one of the following chips, please install dkms-rtlwifi_new package and then reboot the system:
    • RTL8723BE
    • RTL8192CE
    • RTL8192SE
    • RTL8192DE
    • RTL8188EE
    • RTL8192EE
    • RTL8723AE
    • RTL8821AE
  • For RTL8812AU (some USB WiFi adapters by D-Link and others have it, for example), please turn off (or unplug) the WiFi adapter, install dkms-rtl8812au package, and then turn on the WiFi adapter again.

Note that dkms-rtl8812au may not work on the kernel 4.0 or newer yet.