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Drakxtools is a set of scripts and modules unique to Mandriva written in Perl with GTK UI (more precisely - using own wrappers upon perl-GTK). Drakxtools development was started a dozen of years ago; however, year by year it becomes harder and harder to maintain and enhance them due to not very flexible internal structure and tons of legacy code. We believe that most of drakxtools do not satisfy modern needs and should be replaced with more convenient contemporary analogues.

Some thoughts about drakxtools replacement:

  • for many tools, there are analogues in KDE4 control center
  • ... however, some tools are really unique to Mandriva, and currently we don't have any estimates on how long will it take to develop their analogues
  • for some tools KDE analogues exists, but they are separate applications (not part of KDE control center)
  • some tools are bounded to Mandriva infrastructure (Mandriva Club accounts, wiki logins, etc.), so they should be dropped in ROSA in either case; the question is do we want to develop their analogues

The replacements for Mandriva Drakconf configurators in ROSA Marathon 2012 are listed in the table below.

Drakconf section Cmdline tool Replacement Comments
Software Management
Software Management
Access to extended maintenance mdkapplet-add-media-helper Makes no sense in ROSA This one is valuable for MDV only
Configure mouse and keyboard
Set up the keyboard layout keyboarddrake KDE System Settings -> "Input Devices"
Network & Internet
Manage your network devices
Network Center draknetcenter KDE System Settings -> "Network Settings"
Set up a new network interface (LAN, ISDN, ADSL, ...) drakconnect --wizard KDE System Settings -> "Network Settings"
Remove a connection drakconnect --del drakx-net KDE System Settings -> "Network Settings"
Personalize and Secure your network
Manage different network profiles draknetprofile NetworkManager Profile support is not perfect, to be improved in future
In any case, some functionality of draknetprofile was broken even in ROSA 2011
Configure VPN connection to secure network access drakvpn KDE System Settings -> "Network Settings"
Manage system services
Manage system services by enabling or disabling them drakxservices system-config-services the drakxservices icon is still present in ROSA Control Center, but it launches system-config-services instead of drakxservices
Manage date and time drakclock KDE System Settings -> "Date and Time"
Manage localization for your system localedrake KDE System Settings -> "Locale" Standard KDE configurator should be patched to edit ~/.i18n in order to affect all applications
Administration tools
Open a console as administrator drakconsole Applications -> "Root Terminal"
Network Sharing
Configure Windows(R) shares
Access Windows (SMB) shared drives and directories diskdrake --smb The tool is still there, but you also may use
Dolphin (Network -> Samba Shares)
Share drives and directories with Windows (SMB) systems draksambashare The tool is still there, but you also may use
Dolphin (Right click on folder name -> Properties -> Share)
if you enabled samba sharing for the user in KDE control center
Configure WebDAV shares
Access WebDAV shared drives and directories diskdrake --dav Dolphin (Network -> Add Network Folder)
Local disks
Local disks
Share your hard disk partitions diskdrake --fileshare This item is obsolete. In ROSA users can just use Dolphin to share their folders
Configure boot steps
Set up display manager drakedm Most users won't use. Check /etc/sysconfig/desktop if You Know What You Are Doing