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This page lists what information a bug triager should collect from users to accomplish the Triage (see Bugs/Workflow). Until the whole information is reported by user or by other users with similar problems, the bug triage is not completed.

All Bugs


 uname -a

Package information:

 rpm -qa | grep package_name

GUI issues

Ask user to attach screenshots.

Hardware Issues

If the issue is with incorrect hardware, ask for:


Installation Issues

If the issues is related to problems during the installation or inability to install, ask for:

  1. equipment name
  2. installation medium information (where it was downloaded from, what medium was used, and how it was created)

Localization Issues

Ask user to attach screenshots, and to list the locale they use.

Networking Issues

If it's the networking issue, and is not related to hardware failures, ask for the output of:

 ifconfig -a

Package Installation Issues

If the issue is related to package (de) installation and/or system upgrade, ask for output of:

 urpmq --list-media active