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The major entity managed by developers in ABF is a project. For distribution maintainers, a project corresponds to distribution source packages, for software developers a project corresponds to some software product. In distributions, projects are grouped into repositories, and repositories are grouped into platforms. On the basis of platform, a distribution release is prepared, so platform repositories correspond to repositories of distribution release.

For every new ABF user or group a separate personal platform is created automatically. User has full access permissions for his personal platform. In case when a platform is owned by group, then all group administrators have full permission for this platform. Additional platforms (in particular, distribution platforms for which one will be able to build ISO images) are created by ABF administrators.

By default, every ABF user has read access to all open platforms. To get write access for some platform (to be able to create new projects inside the platform and to modify existing projects), one should request additional privileges from administrators that platform (more precisely, from administrators of a group that owns the platform or from a user who owns the platform).

Platform List

A complete list of platforms where the current user can create and modify projects, can be viewed in the "Platforms" tab of the ABF main menu.

A list of user's platforms

Platform Settings

Click to a platform name to go to a page with its properties and settings. If you have necessary permissions, you will be able to change the settings here.

Platform settings

In the left part of the screen, the following items are available (some of them can be hidden if you don't have enough permissions to modify the platform):

About platform

General information about platform:

  • Name
  • Owner
  • Visibility (open or private; to change this parameter, please go to the Settings menu)
  • Platform type: - personal (used to build packages for personal repositories) or main (used to build distributions)
  • Distribution type - 'mdv' (used for ROSA Desktop) и 'rhel' (used for ROSA Server)
  • Connection info - in this section, one can get a command to add platform repositories for the given architecture.


In this section one can manage platform repositories. Here you can create or delete complete repositories, add packages to repositories and remove them from there.


This section provides you with a list of all packages built for the platform repositories. If you have administrator privileges, you can remove built packages from repositories here.


A list of maintainers of packages that are included in platform repositories.

Mass build

Here you can launch mass build and view results of the previous mass builds. Mass build allows simultaneously launching build of a group of packages. You can either build all packages from a given repository or provide ABF with a list of packages to be built.

When creating a mass build, you can specify usual build options ("Use cached chroot", "Use extra tests", etc.) and additionally specify if ABF should automatically increase release of every package.


List of products (distributions) which are built on the basis of this platform.

Note that this item is not available for personal platforms which are not intended to build distribution releases.


Information about changes in platform packages - in particular, information about bag and vulnerability fixes.


Here you can change platform name, its visibility and perform complete clean up of platform repositories by removing all packages from them.


Private keys used to sign packages in platform repositories.


Tokens used to access the platform if it is not open.