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Our developers have created the update for the GRUB2 manager (kcm-grub2). New option for selecting bootloader's language has been added. It is useful in cases when user needs to set language of the bootloader not equal to system's language.

2013 02 08 kcm-01-en.png

"System language" can be selected and then behavior of the GRUB2 manager as well as behavior of the script for renewing bootloader's configuration (update-grub2) will be usual: GRUB2 language will be the same as system's language.

Moreover, specific language can be selected, e.g. "English" or "Русский". Then as result of configuration update (by saving new configuration using GRUB2 manager or calling script update-grub2) we will see GRUB2 menu in selected language.

2013 02 08 kcm-02-en.png

The patch, which adds option to choose bootloader's language, was sent to the upstream and will be embedded in next version of the program.

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