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It’s not a secret that some developers of ROSA and OpenMandriva work on our distributions every time they have a small chance to do this. And it is not surprising that sometimes they just don’t have a ROSA/OpenMandriva system under the hand when they have a half an hour to spend it to development. Downloading ISO image and setting it up is not a good solution, since it requires some time and machine resources.

However, now they can setup a minimalistic chroot with ROSA or OpenMandriva in any Linux distribution which provides Shell and Python (even rpm is not necessary!). Thanks to Robert Xu, now we have omvbootstrap and rosabootstrap tools that allow doing this easily.

In case of ROSA, just clone the rosabootstrap project:

$ git clone
$ cd rosabootstrap

or download and unpack the tarball:

$ wget
$ tar xzvf rosabootstrap-master.tar.gz
$ cd rosabootstrap-master

And launch the script with necessary parameters:

$ sudo ./rosabootstrap -d -a x86_64 -v 2012.1 -c 2012.1 -m

That’s all — now you should have 2012.1 folder with chroot, so just go to it and enjoy the coding:

$ sudo chroot 2012.1

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