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Did you manage to configure a hardware device that did not work out of the box? Did you find the right driver? The device does not work and you don't know what to do? Write a note about your experience right now in your hardware probe!

Registration is not needed — authorization of your computer is done while creating a probe. Just create a probe and immediately open it in your browser. You'll see a big green REVIEW button on the probe page for creating a review.

In the review, you can adjust the automatically detected operability status of a hardware device and write a comment for any device in the Markdown language.

Statuses and comments are assigned to the corresponding devices in the open database. Other users will be able to quickly learn from your experience if they have the same problem by creating probes of their computers and following the links to the database on the probe page.

One can create a probe by the command:

   hw-probe -all -upload

Or by the Hardware Probe application in the SimpleWelcome start menu of the ROSA Fresh Linux distribution (KDE4 and Plasma editions). There is also portable AppImage, Docker, Snap and Flatpak to use on any other Linux distribution.

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