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While creating ROSA, we not only develop and adapt different packages for our distribution, but also design new tools for other developers.

One of such tools is API Sanity Checker, which is aimed to automatically generate tests for C++/C libraries.

For its work, the tool requires only header files with declarations of library functions (and all necessary data types). Using this information, API Sanity Checker generates tests that calls every function from the library with proper arguments. Usually these automatically generated tests are used as a template for developing more complex sets (with enumeration of different values of parameters, their combinations, etc).

The tool is absolutely free (the source code can be found here) and can be used by everybody. For example, not so far API Sanity Checker has been integrated in the development cycle of the GammaLib library. As a result of the tool's work, 11 errors were found and fixed in that library (

We recommend all upstream developers of different C/C++ libraries to follow this successful example. The resources to create test set is minimal, but number of errors found can be really great.

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