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In ROSA is available packaging-tools — set of scripts for maintainers, which was firstly developed in Ark Linux.

Set includes spec-files generator for arbitrary packages — vs — which creates a blank of spec-file and opens it in vim (or in editor, which was specified in variables EDITOR or VISUAL). Also are available special generators for spec-files of packages specific types:

for libraries
for modules Perl
for Java-packages

These generators create blacks of spec-files, which take into account specific of every concrete type of package (for example, nessesary subpackages are created for libraries).

Another useful script is e, a simple wrapper for gendiff. If you want to prepare patch for some package, you need to unzip archive with source code and edit nessesary files with e. In fact, this script will call an outside editor (specified in variables EDITOR or VISUAL; default is vim), but before it happend, it will save source file with suffix rosa2012.1~ (suffix can be edited with option -s). As soon as you have finished, cause gendiff to create patch.

This is an example, how you can prepare patch for file test.c for source code someapp-1.2.3 with editor geany

 $ tar xzvf someapp-1.2.3.tar.xz
 $ cd someapp-1.2.3
 $ export EDITOR=geany
 $ e test.c
 $ cd ..
 $ gendiff someapp-1.2.3 .rosa2012.1~ >my.patch

This way seems to be a bit complicated, but it is really suitable, if you need to prepare small patch for large source code file.

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