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A new project has been created to collect the list of computer hardware devices with poor Linux compatibility based on the data for 4 years:

There are about 26 thousands of depersonalized hwinfo reports in the repository from computers in various configurations (different kernels, OS — mostly ROSA Fresh). The device is included into the list of poorly supported devices if there is at least one user probe in which the driver for this device was not found. The column 'Missed' indicates the percentage of such probes. If number of such probes is small, it means that the driver was already added in newer versions of the OS. In this case we show minimal version of the Linux kernel in which the driver was present.

Devices are divided into categories. For each category we calculate the ratio of poorly supported devices to the total number of devices tested in this category.

At the moment, the study is limited only to PCI and USB devices. In the future, it is planned to include the rest.

Please check the presence of known unsupported devices in the table. The device ID can be taken from the output of the 'lspci -vvnn' command in square brackets, for example [1002:9851].

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