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We published on the our build system - ABF a new version of KLook with the many improvements. Most of these improvement have made in KLook architecture, so you will not see many visible changes, but you will felt them.

A first and main improvement: we added support of remote file systems! Thus, you can use KLook with FTP, SMB, WebDAV and other directories and files that can be opened in the Dolphin file manager.

KLook work with remote objects.png

If the file that you will try to open in KLook will be a folder or an archive - then KLook just show information window about it, otherwise KLook will try to open this file and show it to you.

A second improvement: we moved handling of previews in the "Gallery Mode" from the QML side to C++ side, so the quality of previews has been significantly improved.

For people, who still not use ROSA: a fly in the ointment: it seems that we'll can't push KLook to the official KDE repositories. A new maintainer of the Dolphin file manager refuses all our attempts to pass our code into KDE upstream. So, it can be one more item "+" to use ROSA. :)

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