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Friends, I'd like to introduce new hw-probe 1.4.

Most significant change in this release is the anonymization of probes on the client-side. Previously "private data" (like IPs, MACs, serials, hostname, username, etc.) was removed on the server-side. But now you do not have to worry how server will handle your "private data", since it's not uploaded at all. You can now upload probes from any computers and servers w/o the risk of security leak.

The update is available in repositories.

Other changes:

  • Up to 3 times faster probing of hardware
  • Collect SMART info from drives connected by USB
  • Initial support for probing drives in MegaRAID
  • Improved detection of LCD monitors and drives
  • Collect info about MMC controllers
  • Probe for mcelog and cpuid
  • Etc.

You can, as before, create a probe of your computer via the application in SimpleWelcome menu or from the console by a simple command:

  hw-probe -all -upload

Thanks to all for attention and new probes of computers!

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