GRUB2: improving of option and bugfixing

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Our developers continue to improve GRUB2. Some bugs have been found and fixed. Also one option have been improved. Patches were sent to the upstream and accepted.

GRUB boot menu displaying error

Rare bug has been found and fixed. The menu was incorrectly displayed with some uncommon configurations.

Incorrect element’s height determination

Determination of some values was incorrect. The height of the selected item’s graphical decoration was decreased by one pixel. The formula of the minimum menu’s height and the formula of the number of shown items were incorrect.

Incorrect text displaying

The area for drawing of the menu item’s text was incorrect. So the text was drawn on top of the graphical decoration.

23 07 13-grub-text-bug.png

(Highlighted with cyan color on the screenshot)

Improved option — start_angle

Starting angle. The option of the circular progress indicator. It could be set in some unusual values (1/256 of the full circle) before.

Now this value could be set in degrees.

New syntax:

start_angle = "-90 deg"


start_angle = "-90°"

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