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The largest open repository of monitor characteristics has been created recently containing EDID structures for more than 9000 monitors: https://github.com/linuxhw/EDID

EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) is a metadata format for display devices to describe their capabilities to a video source. The data format is defined by a standard published by VESA. EDID data structure includes manufacturer name and serial number, product type, phosphor or filter type, timings supported by the display, display size, luminance data and (for digital displays only) pixel mapping data.

The most famous analogue of the repository is the EDID.tv project, which also contains quite a lot of information about monitors.

The repository is replenished automatically based on recent hardware probes. One can participate in the replenishment of the repository by executing of one simple command in the terminal:

   hw-probe -all -upload

The hw-probe utility is pre-installed in the ROSA Linux distribution. Users of other systems may use AppImage, Docker-image, LiveCD or other techniques to create probes.

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