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In spite of the fact that ROSA’s main features are various graphic stuff and beautiful full-functional GUI applications, there is also a console in our distribution. This application has its own audience: for example developers who deal with system stuff or users who have rich experience in Linux and who use console utilities from time to time.

We think that the console should be beautiful, convenient and easy-to-use, like everything in ROSA. One of the main criteria of usability is a font used in console. The choice of font is generally the matter of taste and, as it was found out, «native» KDE fonts don’t fit to everyone.

In particular, many users think that the font which was used in a wide range of distributions (for example, openSUSE 10.x) for KDE3 console was the most suitable one. The fonts were changed with migration to KDE4, but till now there are people who like the old one. If you are among them, we have a good news for you — now this font is available in our distributions. All you need is to install fonts-bitmap-misc-console package, and then the new Console font will be available in Konsole settings (with the only fixed size 12).

Another popular font is Source Code Pro font, developed by Adobe engineers ( This font is also available in our repositories (SourceCodePro package). Though this font doesn’t support Cyrillic alphabet and many other national sets of symbols, programmers who work a lot with source code of various applications may like it.

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