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After several months of development, the initial version of the automated testing system for ROSA Linux distributions («ROSA Autotest») is up and running.

For the present, the system checks ROSA Desktop Fresh 2012 releases. It operates as follows:

  • Checks daily, whether new ISO images for this distro are available at ABF and downloads these images to a local machine for testing.
  • Checks whether the OS can be started in live mode using these ISO images on the virtual machines.
  • Checks whether the OS can be installed to the virtual machines from these ISO images.
  • Enables the default software sources on the installed systems and performs a software update there.
  • Uses Autotest ( to run several tests on the installed systems:
    • a clock manipulation test («hwclock»);
    • a stress test for filesystem-related components of the kernel («dbench»);
    • simple tests for IPv6-related software («ipv6connect»);
    • etc.

More tests are to be added to the system in the future.

The results of the automated testing are available at FBA:

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