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Implementing the concept developed by our designer we have included new functionality for Grub2 visual theme. Now it is possible to decorate inactive entries of the boot menu (particularly, item_pixmap_style). As a result, they now have dark semitransparent background with rounded corners. These changes open new opportunities for designing bootloader themes.

2012 12 13 Eng diff.png

Moreover, we have fixed a bug in the grub-mkfont tool which converts fonts into format used by the bootloader. It was impossible to specify one of the font metrics (ascent), therefore trying to display some specific symbols from local language (e.g., Cyrillic) in the console, all symbols were displayed incorrectly. After fixing this issue, we managed to solve problems with "artifacts", increased line spacing and incompletely drawn symbols.

2012 12 13 Eng console.png

Both updates were send to the upstream and accepted.

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