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Urpmi-utils - набор утилит, расширяющих и дополняющих функциональность urpmi.

В настоящее время ведутся/планируются работы над следующими утилитами:

Tool Description
urpm-repoclosure проверка замкнутости репозитория по зависимостям
urpm-repograph построение графа зависимостей пакетов в репозитории
urpm-repodiff diff двух репозиториев
urpm-distrosync синхронизация локального набора пакетов с репозиторием
urpm-build-distrib создание дистрибутива на основе нескольких репозиториев
urpm-downloader скачивание пакета вместе со всеми зависимостями
urpm-package-cleanup чистка установленных пакетов


Usage: "urpm-downloader [options] package1 [package2 package3 ...]

  Options inherited from urpmi:
    -h, --help          show this help message and exit
    -t, --tolerant      be tolerant of errors
    -C, --cacheonly     run entirely from system cache, don't update cache
    -c [config file], --config=[config file]
                        config file location
    -R [minutes], --randomwait=[minutes]
                        maximum command wait time
    -d [debug level], --debuglevel=[debug level]
                        debugging output level
    --showduplicates    show duplicates, in repos, in list/search commands
    -e [error level], --errorlevel=[error level]
                        error output level
    --rpmverbosity=[debug level name]
                        debugging output level for rpm
    -q, --quiet         quiet operation
    -v, --verbose       verbose operation
    -y, --assumeyes     answer yes for all questions
    --version           show Yum version and exit
                        set install root
                        enable one or more repositories (wildcards allowed)
                        disable one or more repositories (wildcards allowed)
    -x [package], --exclude=[package]
                        exclude package(s) by name or glob
                        disable exclude from main, for a repo or for
    --obsoletes         enable obsoletes processing during updates
    --noplugins         disable Yum plugins
    --nogpgcheck        disable gpg signature checking
                        disable plugins by name
                        enable plugins by name
    --skip-broken       skip packages with depsolving problems
    --color=COLOR       control whether color is used
                        set value of $releasever in yum config and repo files
    --setopt=SETOPTS    set arbitrary config and repo options

  urpmi-downloader options:
    --destdir=DESTDIR   destination directory (defaults to current directory)
    --urls              just list the urls it would download instead of
    --resolve           resolve dependencies and download required packages
    --source            operate on source packages
                        only download packages of certain architecture(s)


Take 2 or more repositories and return a list of added, removed and changed packages.


repodiff --old=old_repo_baseurl [--old=old_repo2_baseurl ...] --new=new_repo_baseurl [--new=new_repo2_baseurl ...]


Find problems in the rpmdb of system and correct them


urpm-package-cleanup.py [-h] [--qf QF] [--orphans] [--auto] [--version]
                        [--problems] [--suggests] [--dupes]
                        [--cleandupes] [--noscripts] [--leaves] [--all]
                        [--leaf-regex LEAF_REGEX] [--exclude-devel]
                        [--exclude-bin] [--oldkernels]
                        [--count KERNELCOUNT] [--keepdevel]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --qf QF, --queryformat QF
                        Query format to use for output.
  --orphans             List installed packages which are not available from
                        currently configured repositories
  --auto                Use non-interactive mode
  --version             show program's version number and exit

Dependency Problems Options:
  --problems            List dependency problems in the local RPM database
  --suggests            List missing suggestions of installed packages

Duplicate Package Options:
  --dupes               Scan for duplicates in your rpmdb
  --cleandupes          Scan for duplicates in your rpmdb and remove older
  --noscripts           disable rpm scriptlets from running when cleaning

Leaf Node Options:
  --leaves              List leaf nodes in the local RPM database
  --all                 list all packages leaf nodes that do not match leaf-
  --leaf-regex LEAF_REGEX
                        A package name that matches this regular expression
                        (case insensitively) is a leaf
  --exclude-devel       do not list development packages as leaf nodes
  --exclude-bin         do not list packages with files in a bin dirs asleaf

Old Kernel Options:
  --oldkernels          Remove old kernel and kernel-devel packages
  --count KERNELCOUNT   Number of kernel packages to keep on the system
                        (default 2)
  --keepdevel           Do not remove kernel-devel packages when removing