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This is a common mailing list policy that will make your posts more effective and make fellow list members happier to help.
See Mailing lists for info on the available ROSA mailing lists and archives.
This Policy is based on the Mandriva, Debian and Fedora mailing list guidelines.

Before Posting to the List

Please try all of the following to solve a problem by yourself before posting to the list.

Try Man

There are many ways to get information from your system. Just open a terminal window and run one of the following commands on the subject: man, info, find, rpm -qi, etc.

Try Google

Try to search the solution for your issue in Google with multiple attempts on keywords variations. Try to search for the same issue in other Linux distributions.

Try Archives

If you can't find the answer in Google, try to look into the list archives before posting a question.

Posting Guidelines

If you still can't find a suitable answer for your question in the resources described below, then writing to the list is a good idea. Please follow these guidelines to get an attention and answers on the list.

Keep it Short

Please keep your messages as short as possible. Avoid including log output (select only the most relevant lines) or excessively quoting previous messages in the thread (trim the quoted text down to the most recent/relevant messages only). Avoid sending large attachments (size limit: 40K).

No HTML Mail

Never send your messages in HTML, use plain text instead. Set your mail client to send only plain text messages. See how to do this for Thunderbird.

In English

Send all of your e-mails in English. Always do a spell check before mailing to the list. Grammar doesn't matter as long as one is understood. Do not use SMS language.

No Spam

The sending of any kind of unsolicited bulk email (also known as “spam”) to any of the ROSA lists is prohibited. Senders of such messages can get blocked from posting on lists and/or reported to the relevant authorities.

Select Relevant List

Make sure that you are using the proper list. In particular, don't send user-related questions to developer-related mailing lists.

Subscribe & Unsubscribe

Do not send subscription or unsubscription requests to the list address itself. Use a web interface instead.

Test Messages

Do not send “test” messages to determine whether your mail client is working.

Write a Good Subject Line

Make a good and short subject line that clearly tells us what you need.

Starting a New Subject

When you send in a new topic, do not start by replying to an existing message, but rather, start a new message to the list. This keeps messages organized by thread.

Bottom Post

Please add your part to the bottom. Since most people read top to bottom, the flow will be much easier to understand. Please see "Wikipedia - Top Posting" and links therein for more on this.

Be Courteous

Be courteous and polite to fellow members in the list. Never swear or be rude to anyone.


Using capital letters in your sentences is considered shouting. It is considered as being rude. If you want to emphasize on something *use this* or _this_.

Keep Signatures short

We find value in your main content rather than signatures. One or two lines would be optimal to convey messages that must be included in your signature and avoid huge disclaimers describing how your mail is private and confidential while sending things to the mailing list.

Avoid Reposting

If you do not get a response within a few minutes or hours, avoid re-posting the same question repeatedly. Give a minimum of 24-48 hours for an answer.

No CC to the Original Poster

When replying to messages on the mailing list, do not send a carbon copy (CC) to the original poster unless they explicitly request to be copied. Use "Reply to List" button in your mail client if available.

When Your Question is Answered

When you get a solution to your question (or find it yourself after posting to the list), reply to your original e-mail describing what solved your problem, adding a [SOLVED] to the end of the subject line. This will let people know that you don't need help any more with this and can look for other posts to help.

Private Messages

Do not quote messages that were sent to you by other people in private mail, unless agreed beforehand.

On Vacation

Do not send automated “out-of-office” or “vacation” messages to the list.

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