Differences with Alpha2


System components

Major differences

Alpha2 Beta
Kernel 3.5.5 Kernel 3.5.6
systemd-udev 189 systemd-udev 194
rpm 5.4.9 rpm 5.4.10

Boot process


A set of issues with hardware detection was solved:

Access permissions and security

KDE4 and ROSA tools

Development of ROSA brand-name tools SimpleWelcome 2.0 and TimeFrame 2.0 is going on. Since Alpha2 release, several bugs were fixed, work speed was improved and memory consumption was reduced. Some of these changes were too late to be included in the images; however, they are already available in repositories and we highly recommend to update your system just after installation.

New system tray implemented by ROSA developers in QML is improved to meet requirements of KDE Upstream and integrated in the KDE 4.10 development branch. So with KDE 4.10 release, this system tray will be available for all KDE users.

Utilities and tools

Drakx tools


User-level software