Plan for ROSA Fresh future stabity and fixing


Usermode change

Done: 100%

Reason: We need drop Mandriva changes and use more vanilla rules for Consolehelper. We need using vanilla config-utils, and Fedora-like service/utilites support.

Problem: Some tools, like update or drakclock need using running without root password and this not possible in vanilla code and drop mandriva-system-auth and mandriva-console-auth...


We will need fix this package:

More utilites/tools need using this PAM code

auth		include		config-util
account		include		config-util
session		include		config-util

But we need create file config-util-user with

auth 		sufficient
auth		sufficient
auth		include		system-auth
account		required
session		required
session		optional
session		optional

And using in this utils

pam file

auth		include		config-util-user
account		include		config-util-user
session		include		config-util-user

also we need use USER=root in all console.apps files.

pm-utils replace via systemd

Done: 95%

Reason: Using pm-utils now is deprecated. For acpi we need use systemd (poweroff, hibernate, etc). If will we try use both - will have any problems, like two step poweroff, sleep before poweroff and other. We need stop using pm-fallback-policy and replace needing rules by Fedora script

Problem: All DE need patching for using systemd. We will need investigate full drop pm-utils and pm-fallback-policy from repo.



pm-utils fix for backward compartibility

Move DM to systemd instead init

Done: 100%

Reason: Using inti scripts for select and start DM are not usefull and provide more errors with syncing boot modes. We will need use systemd-releated way - install DM.service and create symlink to display-service for properly DM. Also we will need add presets for systemd for DM services. Now for change DM we need use or

systemctl disable xyz_old.service
systemctl enable xyz_new.service

or drakedm


Patch DM for use systemd and add services. Patch systemd. Drop lookupdm and prefdm from /etc/X11. In build ISO scripts add

systemctl enable xyzDM.service

Patch drakedm.


Drop Drakx-net part

Done: 90%

Reason: ROSA use NM. We need only clear Network (CLI) and NM. We don't need use Drakxnet anymore




Drop ConsoleKit and PolicyKit

Done: 90%

Reason: Obsolete part



kernel 3.8.12

systemd 194