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The following describes bug severity that should be set during the initial resolution of a bug during the Bugs/Workflow.

The bug severity may be changed at any time. Within this policy, the severity is left to maintainer's discretion, and the ROSA Technical Committee has a right to overrule. The severity is set to:

The error breaks the whole system or a large group of packages, makes the system non-bootable, non-updateable, causes severe user data corruption or loss.
The error makes an important user package reproducibly fail to run on majority of user systems, causes user data corruption in regard of this and/or related packages, or the package fails to build from sources against the current build environment.
Package is not usable for most users, fails to fulfill its original purpose under most configurations, and/or contains a severe usability problem.
A usual error that doesn't fall into the categories above or below.
A small mistake that doesn't influence the package functionality in general, easily workaroundable issues. An error that appears on very unusual configurations.
A typo in documentation or manpage or similarly trivial error.
New functionality requests, including failures to meet user's expectations from the interface component or package functionality.

Note that requests for packaging new versions fall under the specific category, "Package Request", and severity is not relevant there, and should be kept "Normal".

This Policy is inspired by ALT Linux Bug Severity Policy.