The System

The automated testing system for ROSA Linux distros operates as follows:

  1. It looks for the new ISO images for the appropriate distros on ABF. If they are found, it downloads the images to a local machine.
  2. It creates virtual machines (currently based on qemu-kvm) and checks that the OS boots in Live mode from the ISO images on these machines.
  3. It automatically installs the OS to these virtual machines from the ISO images and performs several basic adjustments and checks. For example, it checks whether SSH connection to the machine is working, tries to enable the default package repositories and perform a package update, etc.
  4. Python unittest ("PyUnit") is used to run functional tests on the live and installed systems.
  5. The results of the above steps are available at FBA

All this is currently done for ROSA Desktop Fresh, both 32- and 64-bit.


Listed here are the suggestions collected so far about the tests and the system features that could be useful, in no particular order.


Installation Options





Comments: it is already possible to use a particular ISO image rather than the newest one. It is also possible to write Autotest scenarios that enable the given repositories, update the specified packages from these repositories and test that software.

This is now possible. See the description and the tutorials here: English Russian


The sources of the system are available at ABF.