HDD SSD Reliability Test.jpg

A new open project has been created to estimate reliability of hard drives (HDD/SSD) in real-life conditions based on the SMART data collected in the Linux-Hardware.org database. The initial data (SMART reports), analysis methods and results are publicly shared in a new github repository: https://github.com/linuxhw/SMART. Everyone can contribute to the report by uploading probes of their computers by the hw-probe tool!

The primary aim of the project is to find drives with longest "power on hours" and minimal number of errors. We use the following formula as a measure of reliability: Power_On_Hours / (1 + Number_Of_Errors), i.e. time to the first error/between errors.

Please be careful when reading the results table. Pay attention not only to the rating, but also to the number of checked model samples. If rating is low, then look at the number of power-on days and number of errors occurred. New drive models will appear at the end of the rating and will move to the top in the case of long error-free operation.

You can, as before, create a probe of your computer via the application in SimpleWelcome menu or from the console by a simple command:

   hw-probe -all -upload