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"ROSA Planet" switches to rolling release scheme

Our regular readers should remember our Technical bulletin called "ROSA Planet", aimed to readers with good technical and IT skills. Surely it was good, but: it was the old-fashion magazine format, it had one-month release schedule and it was wrapped in PDF. Those things are not compatible with modern fast, mobile and super cool life style.

Good news everyone!

We are switching to "ROSA Planet 2.0" which will be almost as rolling release in the way that new articles will appear right after they are ready, always keeping fresh and cool. In other words — this is classical blog, which you may read in a chronological, sequential or calendar mode. You may also subscribe to the Atom RSS here

You may easily navigate to the blog by clicking the link ROSA Planet on the left side of the main page of our wiki.

And lest you miss the most interesting articles, once in a month we'll be releasing a special digest issue with additional PDF file to those users who prefer reading it offline.

Happy reading!

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And do not hesitate to use good old-fashion e-mail mode to contact us at

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