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As many of you likely know, ROSA repositories are subjected to constant monitoring aimed to detect potential problems in the package base. For a long time, regularly updated results of such monitoring for ROSA Desktop series have been publicly available at (by the way, we have recently added one more kind of reports — «File Conflicts» — that reflects packages containing the same files but not explicitly marked as conflicting using the Conflicts tag).

But Desktop is not the only direction of ROSA development; another important member of ROSA OS family is ROSA Enterprise Linux Server (RELS). Currently the same kinds of reports are available for RLES and ROSA Desktop except the Alternatives analysis (which is currently provided for ROSA Desktop only, though we plan to add it for RELS in the near future, as well).

As one can see from the report table, RELS package base is in a really good shape — typical numbers for such reports are dozens or even hundreds of problems, while the number of potentially problematic packages in RELS is close to zero.


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