Today I'm glad to open the next major update of the hardware database — a live statistical report on Linux-powered hardware configurations of our users:

The report helps to answer questions like "How popular are 32-bit systems?", "How fast is SSD market share growing?", "Which hard drives are less reliable?", "How many computers use old CPU microcode?", "How good is device drivers support?", etc.

In addition to ROSA distribution, other Linux distributions also participated in the study. Most active participants currently are Ubuntu, Mint, Endless, Fedora, Arch, Manjaro, Debian, Zorin, openSUSE, KDE neon, Clear Linux and Gentoo. For top distributions in this list one can find most accurate results.

All charts and table rows are clickable — you can see the details of particular computers counted in statistics. I.e. in addition to statistics and forecasting, the report can be used as a powerful search engine.

The static version of the report for the current month is also available in the Github repository.

The report is built on the basis of user probes with the help of hw-probe (for other distributions: AppImage, Snap, Flatpak and Docker):

hw-probe -all -upload

Please participate!

Probes of the current month are accumulated and appear in the statistics on the first day of the next month. Please let us know if you have ideas for new statistical reports that are not yet implemented in the study.